The Count of Monte Cristo

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A thrilling movie you can Count on!

Greed, greed and more greed.  The Count of Monte Cristo follows the betrayal of a jealous and envious friend, Fernand Mondego (Guy Pearce), that leads to the false imprisonment of Edmond Dantes (Jim Caviezel). Mondego wants nothing more than to step into Dantes' shoes and live the life he feels he deserves, steal the love of his life, and sees nothing wrong with pursuing his desires at the cost of many.

This is the ultimate tale of revenge.  Forgiveness is the best choice but the scorned Dantes wants slow and sweet revenge.  Caviezel’s character grows and has depth and intrigue while Pearce succumbs to the monstrous chain of wrong doings he has committed.  The love story is done without blatant visuals and lust but with a vulnerability given to Mercedes (Dagmara Dominczyk) that paints her to be a victim as well.  If you find it to be a slow start and slightly depressing, hang with it, by the time Dantes is looking at how to change his fate while stuck in that awful prison we meet new and fun characters and you will be rooting for Dantes to get the justice he seeks.  I would classify this as a fantastic movie and urge you all to see it!

Motherly Advice:  I watched this with my filters set to most filtering. There are many action scenes including sword and knife fighting, guns and some brutal whipping to prisoners.  Multiple deaths are seen onscreen including one caused by drowning.  Drinking alcohol by one character leads to the appearance of drunkenness. Two kisses lead to the appearance of premarital sex where you see partially naked bodies (but no graphic nudity) briefly.  The aforementioned things all fit into the movie well without adding unneeded things.  Suitable for ages 14 and up.

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Next I am off to read the book, I want to see how far the movie strayed from the original story, since they usually do.
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