Fright Night

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Fright is Right!

Teenager Charley Brewster has a crazy ex-friend who thinks that Charley's new next door neighbor is an honest to goodness, suck-your-blood-and-drink-you-dry vampire. But when his ex-friend turns up missing and the next door neighbor starts acting suspiciously, Charley has to do what it takes to protect his Mom and girlfriend.

If you like a good mid-level scary movie that is intense enough to freak you out but far fetched enough to let you sleep at night, then with your filters set you'll probably enjoy this one like I did. It definitely got me nervous giggling, tensely squirming and husband cuddling spooked. Colin Farrell is great as a creepy but suave bad guy and I like Anton Yelchin's nasally voice. Plus even though Toni Collete's part is small, I love her on the screen. This one is great to get you geared up for the Halloween season!

Motherly Advice: I set my filters to Medium and felt completely ClearPlay Protected! A lot was cut out, I don't know what exactly was cut but really I don't want to know. Some language was obviously blanked out and one time you can clearly see lips shaped around and F-word. Some scary images of crazy monster vampire faces are sprinkled in here and there. Twice when vampire Jerry gets really hurt he sort of walks/crawls in an inhumanly, broken, creepy way. You see the after-math of a ripped off arm (non-gory) and two or three bite scenes when Jerry drinks his victim's blood. For sure you're going to want to consider your families' ability to handle this kind of scary film but I'd say a good guideline might be for "spook-hardy" teens 16 and over.

Danielle'- SO Excited for Halloween Season!!

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