October Sky

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"Sometimes One Dream is bright enough to light up the sky"

October Sky is based on the book “Rocket Boys” and tells the true story of Homer Hickam (Jake Gyllenhaal) in 1957 Coalwood, West Virginia where there was almost no opportunity. The only kids that got out of the dust filled town received football scholarships to college, the rest accepted the inevitability of working in the coal mine. When the Russian’s launched Sputnik it ignited something in Homer and he saw that as his ticket out of Coalwood.  Determined not to follow in his dad’s (Chris Cooper) coal-blackened footsteps, Homer and his closest buddies began building their own rockets.    
October Sky is such an inspiring story that it will surely lift your spirits. After I watch a really good inspirational movie, I find myself all gung-ho and ready to do a gut-check of my own dreams.  Let’s just say if they made a movie about my life I’m not sure what it would be called quite yet but hey, that’s okay, I may be on the brink of something, you never know...right?!  The “Rocket Boys” determination is contagious.  Throughout the film you are given glimpses of the dreary and laborious life of a coal miner, it paints a dull future full of risk, injury and illness from the mine. You can’t blame these boys for wanting a different life; Homer’s relationship with his proud and hardened father is key in this story. Make sure to watch the credits to see what became of the boys. 

Motherly Advice: October Sky is rated PG so I set my filters to medium which took out language and only left a few minor things.  One of Homer’s friends is seen being beaten by his step-father which leads to the intervention of Homer’s dad.  The mine offers many dangers and some injuries and accidents occur but without showing much (a dead body is seen very briefly) mostly just discussed.  Life wasn’t always easy and that is portrayed but the positive message of following ones passion is the biggest takeaway.  A family film, I would recommend for ages 8 and up.

Hannah -  ClearPlay Dreamer with a long list of Wishes!

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