The Italian Job

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A Job well done!

A team of thieves have planned the perfect heist in Venice.  Their flawless plan goes off without a hitch until one of the co-conspirators has a change of plans with what to do with all of the money; if the money was divided between them all, it is fair to say, they would never have to work another day in their lives, but greed takes over and one of the robbers decides to keep it all for himself and believes he has killed off his team and escaped scot-free.  One year later the team reorganizes in L.A. for a little payback.

The Italian Job is a good go-to movie of mine that I watch for the sheer enjoyment of it.  It embraces the balance of tons of action with moments of lighthearted humor.  The movie speeds along with a plot that has a couple curves in the road but nothing jaw dropping.  You have the typical range of characters that include a computer geek, a beautiful woman, the ladies’ man, a slick bad guy and a few others; not an original concept but played well by each player bringing a cohesion to the group. I can honestly say there wasn’t a moment I was bored while watching (which is saying a lot for me).  I can’t fail to mention the Mini Coopers since they seem to have a supporting role with a lot of attention placed on them. If you want pure escapism with no complex strings attached give this one a go!     

Motherly Advice:  I would suggest putting your filters to “most filtering” like I did while watching. Parents, one of the main things to consider talking to your kids about with this movie is the “good guys” are really “bad guys”.  Mark Wahlberg and his team are robbers and yet they are portrayed almost as good guys since they were trying to seek revenge on the bad guys who were worse than they were while they are just more likable. Ya know? Depending on the child’s age that could come across glorifying criminal activity with having such relatable characters.  What looks to be a post sex scene only shows a man and woman in bed without any actual content shown but they are barely dressed.  One of the men is killed and his dead body is shown and gun fire is fired multiple times with the intent to kill others. With the filters and a little discussion I would say it is acceptable for kids 12 and up.

Hannah Clearplay Thrill Seeker!

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