ClearPlay Classic: Three Men and a Baby

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How Many Men Does it Take to Change a Diaper?

What happens when three bachelors find an abandoned baby on their porch? One can only imagine...or watch this movie.

Back when Selleck was a mustached heart throb and Ted Danson was, well, in movies I've actually seen, this film was hilarious. Believe it or not, I actually got a couple chuckles out of this one when I watched this week. It could be that I have a baby about this age right now myself and could sympathize with some of the antics but mostly I thought it was sort of sweet. I love seeing men being just as paternal and protective as any mother out there.

Motherly Advice: There are many implied premarital sex talk and situations. Which makes sense given the premise of the story of one of these bachelors having a child out there he knows nothing about. You'll see many different women leaving their apartment kissing and schmoodling with the men but you wont see any nudity, (besides cute baby bums). One scene does involve Selleck's girlfriend in his bed with the covers pulled up to her arm pits and them kissing. Also these three guys get tricked into accepting a package of heroine and then they hide it from police...not sure why, I guess it helps the plot? So, I think you could watch this one with families of older teens and enjoy it.

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