Sherlock: Season 1

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The BBC reboots Sherlock Holmes, transplanting him and his faithful assistant Watson into a modern London setting. Sherlock’s powers of observation and deduction are invaluable to the police when they get stumped, but his sociopathic tendencies make him a bit obnoxious to everyone he meets. Dr. Watson, a war vet, finds a sense of purpose and adventure with his unique companion and together, they tackle the toughest crimes London has to offer.

ClearPlay In Action!

ClearPlay has some infrequent language issues to deal with, including religious exclamations. The subject matter of the mysteries typically involves murder, so there are a few corpses and some violence in the mix that may be cut, depending on your filter settings. Filtered, the series would be appropriate for older teens.

Will I Feel at Home with Holmes?…

Sherlock successfully makes the leap into the 21st century with this capable reboot from the BBC. The entire series is only three episodes, though each episode is nearly the length of a short movie (around 90 minutes). The first and third episodes are the strongest of the bunch. Most of the fun comes from Benedict Cumberbatch’s frenetic, capricious, and rude take on the legendary detective, providing some wonderful moments of comedy throughout. Fans of mystery, particularly British mystery, will be right at home with Sherlock Holmes Season 1.

Brian Fuller— ClearPlay Investigator
Unrated; 90 min (per episode); Created By Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat
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