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The Tornadoes may be the only thing to suck you in!

After seeing her father sucked out of the cellar by a tornado, Jo (Helen Hunt) grew up with a fascination of just what made tornadoes tick.  Jo and a group of eclectic storm chasers set out in search of nature’s fury in hopes to learn more about tornadoes and create more warning time for people.  Even a disaster film sneaks in a love story, between Jo and Bill (Bill Paxton) her soon to be ex-husband who has since given up storm chasing but finds himself lured back into the love of the chase and just maybe Jo too.

 Tornadoes, tornadoes oh my!  Keep your ears alert for a few Wizard of Oz references. The special effects still stand up 16 years later but I don’t remember it being quite so cheesy the first time around.  I must admit I do find most disaster movies annoying due to the impossible always seeming to happen. Get used to many scenes where you just can’t believe they were able to outrun and outsmart the tornado; all of this while the tornado is like 50 feet away and their hair and clothes aren’t even blowing in the wind…sigh.  I overlooked that for the pure fact that I am one of those people that loves storms and the action is from start to finish.  Paxton and Hunt are likeable despite only okay acting but I prefer the group of quirky storm chasers on their team that really add personality to the film.  Set your plot expectations low but if you are looking for some silly entertainment then pop some popcorn and grab some snacks and give it a go!

Motherly Advice: Set your filters to “Most Filtering” to eliminate considerable profanity and some blasphemy along with a few deaths and gory injuries caused by the tornadoes.  Jo at a young age sees her father ripped from the cellar by a violent tornado to his death in the opening scene. Jo is seen showering for a few seconds but you only see her shoulders and up, so not very risqué there.  Bill and Jo are still married but Bill brings along his new fiancé while pursuing a divorce from Jo.  Tornadoes leave their aftermath of destruction, and animals and humans are in peril; Jo’s Aunt is in her home when it starts collapsing on her but she is pulled to safety.  I would suggest ages 12 and up and just beware the tornadoes are pretty realistic if you have a youngster scared of storms.

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