ClearPlay Classic: A League of Their Own

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"Are You Crying?!"

The second World War changed many things in the world and America's favorite sport was one of them. With men off at war women stepped up and out of traditional roles and filled those that the men no longer could. 'Stepping up to the plate' even included taking over the professional baseball league and in this film we watch the Peaches win their way to the World Series.

This is a great summer flick to watch with the family. With Geena Davis, Madonna, Rosie O'Donnell, about 4 complete seconds of Tea Leoni and then Tom Hanks to wrap the whole cast in a perfect comedic bow. O'Donnell's thickly accented remarks are chuckle-worthy and you'll love revisiting Hanks' disgusting antics and the ever quoted 'No Crying in Baseball' scene (which thankfully is just as funny as I remembered it). So pass out the peanuts and gum and have some fun with this ClearPlay Classic!

Motherly Advice: Language and blasphemy is the main issue on this one and a Medium setting cleans it up nicely. I had my filters at Medium for vulgarity though and missed out on the infamous Peeing Scene (where Tom Hanks pees for a really long time, I don't know, it's just childishly funny). Still though there is a party scene where the girls head out to the nearest dance club for some Swing style dancing and drinking. A few comments are made about 'All the Way Mae's' promiscuity. Most will go over the kids' heads. With a filter I think this one is a fun family flick for family members over 13.

Danielle'- All American ClearPlay Reviewer
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