ClearPlay Classic: Jaws

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da nuh…da nuh…DA NUH, DA NUH…

(as a shout out to one of our giveaway entries skypack07 who remembers watching this in theaters with her Dad)
Amity, a beautiful coastal retreat town for summer vacationers has begun to be terrorized by a rogue Great White Shark.  This uncharacteristic shark that is up to 25 feet long has killed some of the islanders.  The Chief of Police, a marine biologist and an eccentric shark hunter take it upon themselves to hunt the man-eater down.
Oh man, I forget how this movie makes me never want to go in the water again!  I know it isn’t real but the intensity and relentless nature of that shark is TERRIFYING. Richard Dreyfuss and Roy Scheider are terrific but Robert Shaw sets the tone when he tells the stories of the scars he bears and the bone chilling story of his survival of the USS Indianapolis and the men who died from the circling sharks.  This movie might be the reason my husband hates to snorkel in the ocean.

Motherly Advice: Make sure to turn your violence, nudity and language filters to most filtering.  With those settings a bit of foul language, a visually disturbing shark attack with a man being eaten and parts of a semi revealing skinny dipping scene are cut. The worst of it is the ever elusive shark that is mostly not seen but just keeps you on the edge of your seat wondering when he will appear again and that pure fear can’t be filtered.  Blood in the water and evidence of killings is shown including a dead man found in a boat that may make you jump a little.  A child does die while swimming and falls victim to the shark, I am mentioning that to those of you, like me who struggle to see kids in peril.  They do not show any detail only an empty raft the child was on with a bite taken out. There are also instances of smoking and drinking by main characters. If you enjoy thrillers and you can remind yourself you’re not going to be eaten by a shark then definitely watch this classic. At minimum ages 13+ would be my suggestion.

Hannah You're gonna need a bigger boat.

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