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The Fairest of Them All

Think you know the whole story of Snow White, her handsome prince, wicked step mother and seven dwarfs? You don't the half of it! In this new rendition you'll get to know the handsome prince a little better, you'll come to understand the Queen's crazy obsession and the dwarfs will take on a new dimension you'll be thrilled watch.

I know this has been in theaters for awhile but I just saw it with my daughter last week and wanted to make sure and give it the raving review it deserves in case you've been holding out on seeing it in theaters. Rave, rave, rave, RAVE!!! I haven't neared this level of delightment with a fairy tale movie since Tangled came out. Lily Collins and...wait for it...Armie Hammer (yes that IS Prince Alcott's real name) were truly winning in their performances but of course, it's Julia Roberts that makes the whole film so magical. This woman has been charming us since the late '80's in Steel Magnolias!! Now she plays this aging Queen with grace and adorability and still doesn't look a day over 30. The film was fun, humorous, unpredictable and for once, Snow White takes care of herself AND accepts help from others! I don't want to say too much about the movie cause it was fun to go into it not knowing what to expect, just go see it! I WILL challenge you with this: Can you spot the moment in one of Julia's scenes where she seems to loose character and gives over to giggles?

AND, I will here stand by Lily Collins in defense of her Burt-esque eyebrows. They're beautiful and I for one have had enough of pencil thin plucked brows. Let us thick browed people embrace a possible new trend and give our tweezers a bow and a thank you for their service and then use them a little less!

Motherly Advice: This PG rated movie is rated thus I think due to one or two blasphemous exclamations, some sword fighting, brief view of Julia's navel, some longer views of Hammer's shirtless self and a kind of scary beast. The blasphemous exclamations were the only diversions for me personally. Roberts' navel was unnecessary but very non-sexual (she's primping herself for the ball so is seen wrapped in two separate towels on her spa table) and the only thing you might be uncomfortable with in Hammer's shirtless state is Robert's distraction with it. At one point she mixes up her words and begins describing him on accident saying something was "hairy and smooth". Her distraction isn't largely noticeable and most kids wont even recognize it. The scene with her and the prince in the bedroom after she's drugged him with puppy love is mostly innocent. They ARE in her bedroom and on her bed but it's not a sexual scene. He acts like a puppy the whole time and while he does tackle her to lick her face and neck twice it's very comedic and innocent and I wasn't at all uncomfortable with my 8 year old daughter next to me. We see two kisses between our Prince and Snow White and they were both very tasteful and quite sweet. I think you'll be happy to take your kids of all ages to this one! Although the real little ones might not be entertained.

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