The Adventures of Tintin

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The Adventures of Tintin is a film adaptation of an old European comic featuring intrepid investigative reporter, Tintin, and his faithful canine companion, Snowy. In this installment, the youthful journalist becomes involved in a hunt for sunken treasure. He teams up with the boozy Captain Haddock while avoiding the murderous clutches of Ivan Sakharine, who wants the treasure for himself.

ClearPlay In Action!

There are a couple of minor language incidents and religious exclamations to clean up, as well as a couple violent spots to tone down. Parents should be aware that one of the main characters is an alcoholic, generally played for comedic effect. With ClearPlay, this film would be appropriate for all audiences.

Should I Adventure Out to Get Tintin?…

All the individual bits and pieces of this film are done quite well, but it feels like a movie without an audience. Tintin was before my time, and kids today have no idea who he is and won’t want to see it based on brand. While the 3D animated format and doggie sidekick signal a kids movie, it features a complex plot, a drunkard, a drive by shooting, gun play, sword play, death threats, and fisticuffs that are just a bit more intense and realistic than one would expect in a show for kids. At the same time, it feels just a little too childish for adults (belching in an airplane gas tank anyone?). That said, the acting, writing, music, and animation are top notch. If you’re a fan of TinTin or like films with a classic adventure feel from decades ago, run out and get your copy!

Brian Fuller—ClearPlay Investigative Reporter
Rated PG for adventure action violence, some drunkenness and brief smoking; 107 min; Directed by Steven Spielberg
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