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The Loveliest 'Love Scene'

George Malley (John Travolta) is about as average as they come and about as kind hearted and easy going as they come too. But one night when he sees a light coming from the sky his life changes but he can't tell if it's for the better or for the worst. He'll learn things about telekinesis, farming, languages, love and who his true friends really are.
My favorite thing about this movie is the love scene. I know, I know, here on the ClearPlay blog the whole 'Love Scene' issue is what we're trying our hardest to avoid. But I'm not talking about the Hollywood version of 'Love Scene' I'm talking about the sweet and romantic version that has nothing to do with nudity, sex or even kissing. I'm talking about a Love Scene that portrays the feelings of affection, service, respect and restraint that has everything to do with real Love.

George is crazy about Lace and tries everything he knows how to to show her how much he cares. He buys her chairs! (Please see movie quote of the week on side bar.) Then, when George is in the most need of a friend she shows up on his doorstep to serve him. I am here to declare this particular scene as one of the most romantic love scenes of all film history!! The way Kyra Sedgwick takes her time carefully cutting his hair and gently shaving his face is just about the sweetest thing I've ever seen on screen. The way Travolta trusts her with this task and watches her move around him is absolutely priceless. The love and chemistry created in this scene without so much as a hug or kiss so far outshines any sex scene ever created by Hollywood it's a wonder there aren't more like it.
So for this season's Love holiday go for a quality Love Scene, not a quantity of skin Love Scene.

Motherly Advice: There are some elements in this movie that filter up nicely. A full mooning when the town's doctor moons George on his birthday being one of them. There is also a heavy (clothed) kissing scene snipped. The things here you'll want to watch out for that can't be filtered are topics of divorce, death, implied premarital sex (at the end we see George and Lace in bed together non-sexually) and some drinking in a bar. I should say this movie is appropriate for teens 14 and up.

Danielle'- "Everybody's Goin' Through Somethin'"
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