Valentine Favorite: 50 First Dates

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I guess you really can have more than one first kiss….

Henry Roth (Adam Sandler) is quite satisfied with the bachelor lifestyle of “dating” tourists that come to enjoy the beautiful island of Oahu which he calls home.  Until, one morning when he goes to a local cafĂ© for breakfast and has his first encounter with the lovely Lucy Whitmore (Drew Barrymore).  Soon after meeting Lucy, Henry finds out that she has a memory condition brought on by a car accident a year earlier.  Each night when she goes to sleep she forgets what happened the day before...and Henry.  For some reason instead of walking away, Henry, who is completely smitten by Lucy, wants to see if he can get her to fall in love with him, not just once, but every day.

 Even though this movie isn’t as clean as I would have liked, it was still pretty funny and ended up having a surprisingly touching love story by the end.  I am a fan of both Sandler and Barrymore and while they have both had dud movies I wouldn’t throw this one in that category.  It is not often my husband will sit down and watch one of “my types” of movies but he will with this one. 

Motherly Advice: I love romantic comedies but I am always a bit leery when watching them since often they sneak many sexual innuendos and comments into them that are very unnecessary.  Having seen this movie before I set my filters to “Most Filtering” in hopes it would take out the content that I didn’t enjoy the first time around.  It was awesome to have the swearing taken out by ClearPlay but I will say that many sexual comments and drug references remained. Ula (Rob Schneider) who is Henry’s best friend is probably the worst offender for raunchy comments; he wears no shirt for most of the movie and seems to only own little itty bitty shorts.  While you don’t see any sexual acts they are either implied or there are discussions of casual sex; at one point you do see an inappropriate over the clothes “cop a feel” by Henry. Henry works at a Sea Life Aquarium and one of the Walrus’s is seen vomiting a large volume onto one of the workers (gross).  There are also a few crude hand gestures and use of the middle finger that, once again, are not needed.  My recommendation is that this PG-13 film is really for adult eyes only… if you choose.

Hannah – Movie Mom fun fact, I swam with the dolphins where Adam Sandler worked   in the movie!

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