Take Shelter

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Curtis, a blue–collar working man, suddenly finds himself plagued by frightening dreams and visions of an apocalyptic storm. He tries to cover his erratic behavior and hide his anxiety over the future from his wife, but he is driven to increasingly extreme measures to protect himself and his family from a threat only he can see.

ClearPlay In Action!

ClearPlay takes out around twenty–five instances of language, including a handful of F words. The film has no sex or nudity, but ClearPlay does remove a frightening scene at the end of one of Curtis’s visions that you won’t miss if you don’t know it’s there.

Should I Take a Chance on Take Shelter?…

Watching the trailer for Take Shelter may make you think it’s perhaps some M. Night Shyamalan–esque film with a weird sci–fi twist somewhere. It’s not. This movie is about severe mental illness, both as a demonstration and a metaphor of its terrible progress and effects. While I can’t fault the acting or the encouraging ending, this film’s pace is dreadfully slow and may have you glancing at your watch more than once. For a more engaging film treating similar subject matter, try the critically acclaimed A Beautiful Mind.

Brian Fuller—ClearPlay Shelter Builder

Rated R for some language; 120 min; Directed by Jeff Nichols
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