ClearPlay Classic: The NeverEnding Story

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A NeverEnding Classic 

Bastian is a sad and bullied young boy who finds the book of all books to help him escape his worries. He'll find the story inside to be one he can get lost in when he follows the great warrior Atreyu as he tries to save Fantasia from the ever elusive Nothing that eats away at the borders.

 As one must do with all '80's movies, ignore the effects and hole ridden plot lines and just go with it. This one was such a fun adventure back when I was a kid and I was happy that my kids found it to be equally as much fun. Falcor was just as sweet and cool as I remembered him, the rock eater just as huge and mildly creepy, the child Empress as beautiful and G'Mork as scary as they all were when I was a child watching this for the first time. My kids' imaginations were sparked and they've been playing Dragons and warriors all weekend! Plus I finally found out why they titled it The NeverEnding Story.

Motherly Advice: This 1984 film is surprisingly clean for an '80's flick. The filter I was most going to rely on was the Disturbing Images filter for some of the creatures I remembered. However, the only place the filter was really needed was when Atreyu kills the wolf and you see his knife buried deep and bloody in the wolf's chest. I was thankful to have that filtered for us. Otherwise there are some weird creatures at the very beginning but really they weren't so bad as I thought they were before. I have a 6 year old boy who is very easily scared and he did really well with this. Even the wolf was just the right amount of scary for him and he didn't have any trouble sleeping that night. If you're worried about modesty the only thing you may want to know is that Atreyu wears an open vest the whole movie but I really did not find it offensive at all. I think The NeverEnding Story is great for the whole family!

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