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Movie Moms Believe!

When it comes to the magic of Christmas, 6 year old Susan thinks she knows how things really happen on Christmas. When her Mom hires the “real” deal for the department store she works for, Susan has to decide if she believes in Santa Claus or not… especially since more than just presents on Christmas morning are depending on what she decides. Add some magic to your Movie Night with these fun Christmas Activities. If you want to know more about the movie itself, see the review here.
Movie Snacks
*This movie starts on Thanksgiving with a beautiful meal after the Macy’s… I mean Cole’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. With classy and nostalgic feelings of this movie, you might just feel like cooking up another fancy holiday feast for dinner, or you could just copy Dorey and have it catered.
*If a whole Thanksgiving dinner isn’t going to work for you, you could always serve one for dessert instead. Make up these fun Turkey Dinner Cupcakes (don’t be scared… real turkey isn’t used ANYwhere in this recipe!) for dessert.
*When the kids visit Santa Claus at Cole’s he gives them each a candy cane. Have some for your viewers to much on and top it off with some warm hot cocoa… the perfect drink to snuggle up and watch a Christmas classic with.

Must Pause Moments
*Santa Claus tells Susan he has to know many different languages because he travels so much. Santa is said many different ways around the world. Look up different ways to say “Merry Christmas” or “Movie Night” in another language or two.
*Speaking of other languages, Santa doesn’t just know how to speak other languages, he knows how to sign as well. He “sings” along with a little girl as she signs “Jingle Bells”. Pause the movie and teach your family the signs for Jingle Bells as well. Once you’ve got it down, start the movie again and sign along with Santa. (You can find singing tutorials on YouTube and other sites if you want more practice before hand.)
*Susan asked Santa for some tricky gifts this year. Make things easier on each other by pausing the movie and making a short Christmas List to help your family members have a better idea of what to give each other this year. Consider having them list generic ideas like favorite colors, characters, activities and treats, instead of really specific items.

Other Activities
*Susan leaves a video message for her Mom to let her know she’s at Mr. Bedford’s house. Invite your family to your movie night with a home video of your own.
*Cole’s, other businesses and families all over the place show their love and support of Mr. Kringle by putting up signs and posters that say “We Believe!” and other similar things. Be sure to make one as a family or let each of your kids design one and put it in their window or on their bedroom door to show their feelings about Santa Claus.
*While you probably won’t be lucky enough to find the official Santa Claus at your local department store, you could still add a Santa visit to your movie night activities to incorporate the events of the movie into your evening of fun.

*LyndiLou* - I BELIEVE!
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