Arthur Christmas vs. The Muppets

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What family movie should you go see this Holiday season, Arthur Christmas or The Muppets?


Arthur Christmas tackles the age old question, how does Santa manage to deliver all the presents in just one night?  Santa and Arthur’s brother Steve run the high-tech workshop filled with computers, a spaceship and thousands of elves. Arthur who seems to be cut from a different cloth than his family is a bit clumsy but proves to have all the Christmas spirit needed to make a difference in a child’s life.

I am a sucker for all things Christmas so I was excited to see this movie. What a great introduction to the Holiday season Arthur Christmas was.  It has a lot of heart and humor.  This was the first 3D movie I have ever seen and it was so much fun to watch it that way.  I don’t save Christmas movies for just this time of year I enjoy them all year but this one really put me in the Holiday spirit and I will add it to my collection when it comes out.  It is truly a movie you could take the whole family to without having to worry.  Even though it is a cartoon I think most Adults will still enjoy it.  Arthur turns out to be a great example to all around him even Santa.

The Muppets

Gary (Jason Segel), his girlfriend Mary (Amy Adams) and Walter Gary’s Muppet brother head to Los Angeles for vacation.  Walter who is the Muppets biggest fan insists on visiting The Muppet’s theatre.  While there, they discover it is in jeopardy of being taken over by an evil businessman.  This sparks the need for the old Muppet gang to reunite for a telethon to raise money to save their old theatre.

I decided to go see this with my Husband and my son.  For my husband and I it was a throwback to our childhood of growing up watching The Muppets and for my son it was to be his introduction to them.  I really wanted to like this but I just didn’t.  You mostly see them travel from place to place watching them pick up members of the Muppet gang, but somehow it was still slow. With all of the positive reviews that I read I was surprised how much it didn’t live up to the expectations I had.  Now being the curious person I am, I started polling people I knew who had seen it and their thoughts and it was about 50/50 for those who liked it and those who felt like I did.  All of the cameos that are in it are recognizable to the adult crowd watching it but they wouldn’t be to younger kids.  I think die hard Muppet fans will probably like this but other than that I wouldn’t spend the money to see it in the theater.  Ooh I will say though there was a very cute Toy Story short that was played before the movie that we all loved.

So to answer the opening question, my clear winner is Arthur Christmas. 

Motherly Advice: Both movies have a PG rating.  In Arthur Christmas GrandSanta says hell and pokes a bit of fun at his son Santa.  With just a couple of minor things I would still feel comfortable taking my 3 year old son to see it and I think he would love all of the action and the colorful graphics.  In The Muppets there were a few language moments, 'butt', 'idiot' and some blasphemy were the main ones.  The film itself was not violent but there is a scene involving Animal that leads to many characters punching each other.  I think most people find this silly but just to let you know Fozzie at one point has a pair of “Fart Shoes” on and of course that got some laughs from the kids.

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