Spy Kids: All The Time In The World

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Marissa Wilson is a super spy, but her family doesn’t know it. After having a baby she decides to retire to try to connect to her step children and her busy husband. But when the evil Time Keeper starts taking away everyone’s precious time, she has to come out of retirement and reveal her true past. The step kids come into their own as spies, and everyone learns that family time is everything.

ClearPlay In Action!

ClearPlay doesn’t have a lot to do here besides editing out a couple of gross gags and some crude terms. Spy Kids is appropriate for the whole family.

Is there Time in the World for This Movie?…

This film has exactly one thing going for it: a good message about the importance of spending time with family and working together. If only it could have conveyed this message in a way that didn’t elicit so much groaning, especially at the excessive punning on colloquial expressions about time. The young kids will get a few too few laughs out of some of the physical gags. Adults will cringe. So to throw in a cringe–worthy pun of my own, it’s appropriate that this film was released to DVD so near Thanksgiving because it is a turkey with a heaping helping of corn and ham.

Brian Fuller—ClearPlay OSS Agent

Rated PG for mild action and rude humor; 89 min; Directed by Robert Rodriguez
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