Breaking Dawn-Part One

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The Break Down

In this first installment of the last chapter of the Twilight series we witness the wedding of the year between Bella and Edward. We witness the breaking up of the werewolf pack, a honeymoon to make you blush and a pregnancy of miserable (and creepy) proportions. There really isn't a whole ton that happens in this movie and yet it is still over two hours long. My husband yawned dramatically. He snored wildly and groaned from boredom with the conviction of a man who has been subjected to something truly beyond his capability to endure. I sure love him for all of that!

Lets be clear, I really didn't like the Breaking Dawn book. It was slow, weird and anticlimactic. I had hoped that director Bill Condon and screenplay writer Melissa Rosenberg could do a little something with the story to spruce things up a bit and they did. Truly, they did pretty well with what they were given to work with. Believe it or not men, this movie could have been a lot worse. I liked the quiet close ups of Bella (mainly because she's less annoying when she isn't speaking), the magical wedding, the romance and the sound track. Some of the cinematography when Bella is all sickly and nasty from pregnancy was really awesome. The movie was just slow, it's sort of a building up of plot so that, fingers crossed, the next one can have some excitement. Might not want to subject the hubbies and boyfriends to this though. And am I the only person who laments the fact that Jessica (Anna Kendrick) doesn't have a bigger role in these movies? She's my favorite character and always has the funniest lines but she's on screen for a total of two minutes! Who's with me on this?!

Motherly Advice: Don't take your teenagers to this!!!! Whoa nelly was it inappropriate! I had hoped they would handle the honeymoon scenes a little more like Stephanie Meyers did in the books. Just a before and after. No, they show the before, during and after. Complete with nudity, heavy kissing and some inappropriate movements. I've been married for 11 years and was blushing. It's not even contained in one scene either. So move forward with caution. Certainly the audiences who are most interested in this series (young women of tender ages) should not be permitted to see this unless you want to sit next to them and shield their eyes. Or wait for ClearPlay to work it's filter magic. This one will filter up beautifully.
Swearing was minimal if any, I honestly didn't notice. There was one fight scene near the end between the Cullens and the Werewolves that was a little intense and the 'birth' scene was a bit gory. As us readers know, Edward has to bite the baby out of the embryonic sack in order to get it out and then he has to bite Bella repeatedly to turn her into a vampire. Some of the pregnancy scenes were a bit disturbing for younger audiences. Bella's back breaks near the end and at one point she has to drink blood from a cup in order to feed the baby what it wants. She also has a disturbing dream at one point that finds her and Edward standing on top of a pile of bloody bodies. So you've been officially warned of it's contents! I'd say this movie is 'appropriate' for adult audiences willing to sheild their eyes when necessary.

Danielle'- I've Had Some Weird Pregnancy Cravings But..Blood?

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