Bridge to Terabithia

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What Would Life Be Like Without A TV?

Jess Aarons (Josh Hutcherson) only cares about running.  He lives in a household where chores come first, and fun comes last.  But his life changes when a new girl Leslie Burke (AnnaSophia Robb) moves in next-door and not only outruns him, but she comes from a home where a TV doesn’t exist (*gasp*)! Drawn to one another, the two embark on a new friendship based on a place called Terabithia, where they rule as King and Queen and where ogres and giants, and trolls run rampant.  But all too soon tragedy strikes and Jess learns how to truly treasure those you love most.

 I loved this movie.  I remember reading the book when I was young, and then I remember creating my own Terabithia.  Of course I lived in the city and had neighbors so my enchanted city took place in an old tree house and I was Queen of our pet ducks and my two little brothers.  What? I improvised!  But I really would give every aspect of this movie 4/4 stars!  Character development was steady and sincere. The storyline had depth, and the acting was incredible.  Both Robb and Hutcherson impressed me with the different emotional stages of the movie. Some may call this movie depressing, but I find it endearing and charming, one that I can’t wait to add to my movie library.

Motherly Advice: I watched Bridge to Terabithia with all of my filters set on least.  I was spared a few expletives that Jess’s dad let’s lose after he loses his temper.  There’s also one part after the Hutcherson family attends church that Jess’s little sister talks about what happens if you misbehave in this life, and where those “bad” people go. Some religious names and places are filtered out.  No drinking, no drugs, no immodesty but here are the things to look out for.  Bullying.  One of the girls at school is a bully and singles out Leslie. Also when Jess and Leslie enter Terabithia they are often met by some pretty ugly and gruesome creatures like ogres, trolls, and giant walking trees. There isn’t any violent fighting so much as intense chase scenes that had my child covering his eyes.   Lastly, the movie involves death.  I’m not going to spoil anything here, just be aware that one of the characters does die, and the movie deals with it wonderfully!  Still, you may want to have a conversation with your younger kids so that they don’t get too sad.  As a movie that encourages kids to use their imaginations and reach out to those less fortunate than themselves, I think Bridge to Terabithia has a lot of great lessons and would be appropriate for kids ages 10+.

Trisha~Queen of ducks and brothers, and all things in our tiny backyard!

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