Tweens & Teens Movie Night Activity - Corpse Bride

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“Isn’t the view beautiful? It takes my breathe away. Well, it would if I had any.”

Who would’ve thought that when Victor wanders into the woods to practice his wedding vows, he’d end up married to a corpse! He sure didn’t see that coming. The rest of the movie will be just as fun and surprising for you, your family and friends, especially when you put these great Movie Night Activities to good use. You’re sure to have a spook-tacular time! If you're still trying to decide if this movie is right for your group, check out the review here.

Wear While Watching:

*With a wedding in the works, invite everyone to dress up in their best wedding attire. Have a formal evening with everyone dressed up in their finest threads.

*This movie is played out in a Victorian type setting, so you could have everyone turn back time with their costumes. Consider dressing up like specific characters, going with a Steampunk theme, or just stick with the drab black, grey, dreary color theme.

Home Theater Décor:

*The whole feeling of this movie is quick grey, tired and drab. Be sure to have your lights low with plenty of spider webs and other Halloween decorations up while you watch this movie.

*In the Land of the Dead, Victor hears all about what happened to Emily (the Corpse Bride) in a Jazzy club type place. Liven up the atmosphere by having your movie night in your own version of the Land of the Dead.

Movie Munchies:

*Victor and Victoria’s family have drinks and dinner together the day before the wedding. You could serve up wedding appetizers or your favorite Halloween recipes at your own wedding feast to celebrate the couples upcoming nuptials.

*If Emily’s grave had been marked with a tombstone, Victor might not have ended up married to her at all. Serve up some tombstone cupcakes, by decorating cupcakes with oval sandwich cookie with an icing RIP or cross on it.

*Emily has some trouble keeping one of her eyeballs intact. Find eyeball candy and treats like gumballs or chocolate candy and have them in dishes along with some gummy worms. If you still need a dinner idea, serve soup with fake eyeballs in each bowl.

*If you want to go all out, be sure to recreate your own version of the skeleton wedding cake that Victor & Emily have.

Movie Inspired Adventures:

*Play wedding ring games. Please don’t use someone’s real wedding ring. Grab some pretend wedding rings (found at party or craft stores) or use the rings from canning jars. Have races to see who can roll the ring the farthest or fastest, set up a bowling like challenge or even play ring toss.

*Dress up like skeletons using masking tape over dark clothing. Turn on black lights to really see how you look as a bag of bones.

*Make your own Land of the Dead wedding bouquet. Use dried flowers or fake flowers and consider spray painting them black, grey, white, silver and blue since Emily’s bouquet didn’t have too much color to it.

*Remind your guests that they need to say hopscotch to leave the party and go home when all the fun is over.

*LyndiLou* ~ Movie Mom That Had a Heartbeat On Her Wedding Day

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