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A Film Clad With Gore!!!

The time is 1215, the place is England, and the plot is Magna Carta.  King John (Paul Giamatti) has just been forced to sign the Magna Carta, a decree that limits a King’s power over the people, basically ensuring their freedom.  Months after King John signs the decree, he changes his mind and with the help of a lethal Danish army, begins to storm castles all across the country for revenge and to gain back the power he deems is rightfully his.  The last castle is in Rochester and with the help of Marshal (James Purefoy) and a small group of Knights Templar they must defeat the evil King John, because if they don’t win, death is the only outcome.
 Does anyone remember Ironclad hitting the Big Screen? I sure don’t, which is why I wasn’t sure what to expect with this small budget British film.  But I think it just slipped under the radar because of other huge summer blockbuster films. But I have to admit that Ironclad wasn’t half bad.  Granted the movie does have a predictable storyline, but the acting is notable with James Purefoy, Brian Cox, and Kate Mara at the helm.  However, if you are a history buff, don’t watch this movie thinking it will be anything near what happened with King John and the signing of Magna Carta.  Watch Ironclad for the fun of it, and not for the Cliff notes version of historical events.

Motherly Advice: I watched Ironclad with my filters set on medium and I saw maybe half of the movie.  Ironclad was made with the bulk of it’s budget going into the battle scenes, which must have been horribly gory because I didn’t see very many of them.  Even with the worst of the gore filtered out though, I still saw plenty of sword fighting, blood, limbs being severed, and even some animal cruelty.  I was also spared some sexual encounters.  But it’s the violence of Ironclad that I would recommend this film for ages 16 and up.

Trisha~ Saying a movie wasn’t half bad is still saying that same movie wasn’t half good either!

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