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Including This Movie

A recovering alcoholic, Nick Halsey (Will Farrell)  looses his job and falls off the wagon before he even gets home. However, when he does get home he finds that his wife has left him, changed the locks and tossed all of his belongings onto the front lawn. Then, he drinks a lot. Wanders around his yard a lot. Talks to the neighbor kid a lot and has a generally depressing time of it.
If you liked the movie Paper Man with Jeff Daniels, Emma Stone and Ryan Reynolds then this might be down your alley. I do not enjoy frequenting this particular sort alley, however. It's damp and depressing.
This film was slow and thoughtful, although I'm still trying to get a grasp at what I was supposed to be thinking about. Was this movie meant to make me think about the next week's dinner menu? Or about how I needed to get my hair trimmed? Was it supposed to make wish I was cleaning toilets? Not sure on that one. I suppose you could say that the relationships that Nick develops over the course of three days is uplifting and satisfying and that watching him realize how badly he is to blame for messing up his own life would be sort of inspiring or educating...you could say all that. I don't think I will though. I will simply say, pass on this.

Motherly Advice: ClearPlay cuts out quite a bit of language and that's about it. If ClearPlay attempted to cut out the alcohol consumption the movie would be over before it began since that is the heart of this story. He's an alcoholic. Other things to watch out for are all of the dysfunctional relationships and slightly implied adultery. If you insist on suffering this one through I'd invite only adults along (and at that, only adults you would like to severely punish for whatever reason.)

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