The Hangover

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Pretty much what you'd expect from a movie called The Hangover

Take three friends, a soon to be Brother-in-Law and Las Vegas and you have a combination for trouble.  Two days before the big Wedding day, Doug’s (Justin Bartha) groomsmen decide to take him to Vegas for a so called laid back Bachelor Party.  Somehow they find themselves the next morning in their hotel suite with evidence of the night before but no recollection of what happened.  The biggest problem they have to face is where is Doug? 
 The only reason I rented this movie is because I had a ClearPlay to watch it on.  I have heard many people say how hilarious this movie is but I knew the content would be pretty objectionable.  Have you ever walked into a room and heard the end of a joke and you think "wow that sounded like a pretty funny joke I wish I was able to hear all of it"?  That was kind of the way this movie was.  With that being said it definitely had funny parts but it had tons of language that interrupted the movie. The cast featured some pretty hilarious guys, Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms (The Office) and Justin Bartha.  My favorite though was Zach Galifianakis who played Alan, the soon to be Brother-in-Law, he was the misfit in the group but it made for great comedy moments. However, my motherly side caused me to really feel uneasy because at one point in the movie the guys wind up with a baby in their “care” and I guess watching a small baby being toted around by a bunch of hung-over guys that aren’t taking great care of it is not very funny to me.  You will get some laughs but I prefer to watch a movie that doesn’t need so much editing.

Motherly Advice:  My filters were set to the highest level; while that did help, it also cut many of the punch lines due to such poor language.  The topic, like the title implies, is about getting incredibly wasted without any control over your actions which includes references to drugs, gambling and alcohol.  There is no real moral to the story just some funny parts along the way.  This is definitely an “adults only” movie.

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