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Had Me Hook, Line, and Sinker!

Ever wonder who’s out there solving all of the big crimes in your city? Well Santa Barbara, California has nothing to worry about ever since psychic Shawn Spencer (James Roday) and his trusty sidekick Gus (Dule Hill) have been hired to consult the SB, CA police force. There’s only one problem, Shawn isn’t really psychic, just an extremely observant guy who grew up with a cop father, training him to be an expert problem solver.  In order to keep his job and do what he loves most, he must keep up the pretense of being psychic.

I realize I’m a little late on the up-take since Psych has been airing since 2006 and has a huge following.  In fact IMDB gave it a high score 8.6/10 and I couldn’t find one negative review anywhere on the Internet.  This tells me one thing; I have been living in a vacuum!!  At any rate, I watched the pilot episode and was floored at how many times I laughed out loud.  But that wasn’t all; I was also hooked into the crime scene that the show so cleverly works into the comedy.  James Roday is hilarious on his own but the combination of him and Dule Hill is what makes the show such a smash hit.  They play off each other’s humor in such a way that leaves you gasping for air! The funniest part of the show is watching how the two keep up the ruse of being total frauds! The two brilliantly uncover clues to solve the crimes, but then to watch them convince the police force that their findings are based not on science but on a “psychic feeling” is in a word, hilarious.  My husband and I watched 6 episodes in a row and though we woke up pretty tired, we both couldn’t wait to start in on the next Psych-marathon.

Motherly Advice: I had my filters on the lowest setting for Psych but Clearplay had it easy with this show.  The pilot episode begins with a pretty steamy make out scene that is trimmed out; also there are a few expletives per episode that get cut.  There is the occasional crime scene that you might see a bit of blood or guns being drawn. But other than that this series is a family friendly show, but I’m not sure that the younger kids would understand the comedy or the crimes being solved, so I would recommend this series for ages 15+.

Trisha~ Loving that Clearplay released filters for Psych!!

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