Mars Needs Moms

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Milo has a good Mom, which, unfortunately for him, means he has to take out the trash and eat his disgusting broccoli or he gets no TV. After he hurts his Mom’s feelings in an argument over TV time, he goes to apologize to her only to find she’s been abducted by Martians who desperately need moms for a new crop of Martian babies. Milo stows away on the spaceship and heads to Mars in a bid to rescue his Mom from the clutches of the evil aliens.

ClearPlay In Action!

Not much for ClearPlay to do here besides a couple of minor language edits and minor violence incidents. Approved for the whole family.

Does This Movie Need a Mom?…

There are two impressive things about Mars Needs Moms: the motion capture technology used to animate the characters and that the film stresses the need for family. It’s a bookend movie that starts and finishes well , but the rest of the film is a bit empty and mediocre. There’s enough here to merit one spin in the ClearPlay DVD player, though your kids won’t get why an alien speaking hippy is supposed to be funny.

Brian Fuller—Abducted ClearPlay Father

Rated PG for sci-fi action and peril; 88 min; Directed By Simon Wells
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