Family Movie Night Activity: Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil

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It’s Not Just a Fairy Tale, It’s an Adventure!

When Granny gets kidnapped while trying to save Hansel & Gretel from the Evil Witch, Red & the Wolf have to learn to work together to save Granny! Join Red, The Wolf and the whole Hoodwinked gang in this crazy fairy tale sequel that’s perfect for your next Family Movie Night!

Movie Snacks
*Hansel and Gretel are trapped in the Evil Witches’ gingerbread house. You don’t have to wait until Christmas time to make a gingerbread house. Put together your best replica with graham crackers and all your favorite candy to decorate.
*For dinner, serve up some Secret Agent Sandwiches in honor of the H. E.A. team. Flatten out biscuits and fill with your favorite meat and cheese. Try Ham & Swiss, Turkey & Cheddar, or even Pepperoni & Mozzarella with tomato dipping sauce. Let your family use their best agent skills to try and guess which sandwich is which.
*The secret Super Truffle recipe has a secret ingredient that only the best chef can detect. Make a tasty Truffle dessert of your own and let each family member add their own secret ingredient to their piece.

Must Pause Moments
*That silly singing mountain goat keeps is quite the target when it comes to having things land on him. Make an X on the floor with tape and each time he shows up in the movie let someone take a turn tossing a beanbag at the target, instead of the poor mountain goat.
*Red searches all through the city for what DCT means. When she first starts looking, pause the movie and pass out paper and pens for each person. Have everyone come up with their best list of ideas for what the letters stand for. Read them out loud to each other and choose the funniest ones.
*When Red tastes the Super Truffle, she knows right away what the secret ingredient is. Take a moment to let your family members try different ingredients and see if they know what they are without looking.

Other Activities
*Verushka has quite the Witch mask. Make your own paper plate Witch masks with glowing red eyes and crazy hair. Use buttons, sequins, yarn, paint, markers… whatever will make you look the scariest. Have everyone wear their masks and practice your best Witch cackle!
*While training with The Sister Hoods, Red has to try and get past a troy with her basket of goodies. Set up your own obstacle course and let everyone see how fast they can run through it while holding their own basket of goodies. For more fun, add some kind of baked good or treat to the basket that they have to keep safe, then see how fast people can go.
*Twitchy loves wearing his HEA (Happily Ever After) Shirt. Make your own HEA shirts with paint, fabric, stencils, or iron-on letters. Be sure to take pictures and post them to the ClearPlay Facebook page so we can see your creations.

*LyndiLou* - Fan of Fairy Tales, Adventures and Happily Ever Afters  
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