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A Modernized Classic Gone Bad!

Arthur almost has it all, money, fame, fortune, and every toy known to man.  But he has yet to find love in his life. Until his mother tells him that in order to keep the family inheritance, he must marry her right hand woman, Susan Johnson (Jennifer Garner).  Who also happens to be an evil temptress wanting only to inherit the family fortune.  With the help of his nanny, Hobson (Helen Mirren) Arthur must decide to either marry Susan and be miserable but rich, or find true love and give up everything.

With all movies if you set your expectations low enough any film will turn out to be great.  I hate to say it, but this 2010 version of Arthur doesn’t even fit in that category and for one reason: the casting.  Rusell Brand, though he toned down his usual obnoxious antics for this role, still grated on my nerves and quite frankly I found that he had zero chemistry with any of the other cast members.  Jennifer Garner? I am an avid fan of hers but I still can’t figure out why she’d accept this role.  It was an awkward fit and that showed on the big screen! Helen Mirren did an OK job as Hobson but I was still less than impressed.  Lastly and perhaps worst of all, was Greta Gerwig who showed no personality, no chemistry--a cardboard cutout would be a compliment.  So, sorry to say that if you want to see Arthur I’d recommend skipping this modernized edition and stick to the classic 1981 version with Dudley Moore and Liza Minnelli.

Motherly Advice: I had my filters set on medium for Arthur and was spared a whole bunch of expletives.  I was also spared a pretty raunchy scene where Jennifer Garner’s character tries to seduce Russel Brand’s character.  The thing that makes this movie inappropriate for youngsters is that they tried modernizing the movie by throwing in a subterfuge of vulgarity and “potty” humor.  All of which takes away from the cute love story within.  I would say with filters, this version of Arthur would be good for ages 17+ but by that age, you’d probably enjoy the 1981 version a lot more!

Trisha~ I’d rather lose a 95 million dollar inheritance than watch this version of Arthur.

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