Red Riding Hood

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My What a Bad Review You Have

Another fairy tale turned teen movie for Twilight fans waiting for Breaking Dawn to arrive. As a result, it is as bad as you're thinking it is.
A village in the woods is terrorized by a werewolf who is suddenly attacking out of character. While the blood moon looms over head they follow the directions of an over zealous priest to find the werewolf's true identity. All the while Valerie struggles with her decision to either marry the rich mason, run away with the woodcutter or follow the voice of the werewolf. Dun, dun, DUN!!

 This was so obviously low budget, and thoughtlessly written. It had potential with the werewolves and the town in the woods and all that perfect Gothic spookism. Maybe that was it's problem, too predictable. The story just skimmed the surface of things and the wolf wasn't that freaky. I do really enjoy Amanda Seyfried though, she did great with what she was given and looked beautiful in that gorgeous red cloak. It was everyone else's fault the movie was terrible.

Motherly Advice: ClearPlay trims out a very sensual make-out-in-the-hay scene and some scary images (not that many to be taken out though). Also some violence from wolf attacks. There is some discussion about previous adulterous activity which led to an illegitimate child so you'll want to take note of that. Other than all those things ClearPlay can't do much else for the plot.

Danielle'- Leader of the 'Bring Cloaks Back In Style, Particularly Red Ones' Campaign

P.S. A fun activity to do with this movie if you have to watch is to see who can keep the straightest face while Amanda Seyfried is delivering her 'My, grandmother, what big eyes you have' scene. I'll be impressed if anyone can do it.
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