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Not The Crowning Movie of the Summer!

In these difficult economic times it’s tough to keep a job and Larry Crowne (Tom Hanks) is among the many who has experienced this first hand. After having been let go from his job, he searches out to discover what is next for him, and finds himself enrolling in the local community college. It is here that he’ll learn the art of public speaking, but not from his burned out teacher Mercedes Tainot (Julia Roberts). No it is the teacher who becomes the student as Crowne inspires Tainot to live life to the fullest. He’ll learn the eloquence of public speaking; she’ll learn that where one door closes, a window waits to be opened.

Both Hanks and Roberts performed at the top of their game, in particular Hanks. We all know in real life he is a multi millionaire, but for 100 minutes I truly believed him to be a Navy veteran working at a box store, feeling good about getting employee of the month. The storyline is fun, one that you just love seeing how it plays out and how the two will fall in love and live happily ever after. But in a romantic comedy the number one ingredient is the on-screen chemistry. Which for me, hit a 1 on a scale of 1 to 10. There was just no masking the distaste that they had for each other romantically! The kissing scenes were awkward and pushed, and quite frankly it felt like I was watching my parents kiss. I love them both, but they could not/did not pull off the chemistry that the movie needed.

Motherly Advice: Since I saw Larry Crowne in the theatre, there were no filters involved but I sure wish there were! I heard one “f” word come out of Robert’s mouth, and a just a few other expletives. Expect to see a few make-out scenes and Tom Hanks in nothing but tighty-wighty’s . But the scenes that make me recommend waiting for a filter include Tainot’s husband who stays at home looking at porn on the internet, you won’t see nudity, but a very scantily clad dressed woman. My recommendation: Wait for the Clearplay filter, or pass this one up altogether.

Trisha~ Did you know Hanks and Roberts are best friends in real life? Maybe that’s why the kissing looked awkward?!?

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