Beastly-From a Beauty's Perspective

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 Everyone Loves a Little Cheese and Crackers Now and Then

Let's not waste time on the synopsis, it's a modern spin on the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast.
Let's also not beat around the movie bush, this is a teen romance film and while it's not the best one I've seen it's also not even close to the worst one I've seen. If you're keen on this genre then read on, if not then move on.
There, now we've got all that out of the way we can proceed to the beastly meat of this beastly movie!

 I really liked Alex Pettyfer in this movie. He was arrogant and irritating at the beginning and then completely sweet and sort of innocent in the scenes when he's trying to win Lindy's affections. I was actually surprised by liking him in this because he really isn't the best actor but I think he's smart enough to know that so he doesn't try overly hard to do things he knows he can't.
Vanessa Hudgens on the other hand. Ugh! She's an adorable, talented singer and all but...c'mon why does she keep making movies?! She's painful to watch sometimes! And nobody mentioned that Neil Patrick Harris was in this! I love that guy! I only wish he had been in more scenes 'cause he was all of the comedic relief.
I liked that the story didn't waste time on details we already know without having to be told and didn't fill in blanks we can easily fill in ourselves. I did wish for more scenes with both beauty and beast together though. I was anxious to see them together but had to wait quite awhile.
Beastly was a fun retelling story of the fairy tale we all know and love and while admittedly, there were some embarrassingly cheesy scenes in which you may actually cringe and look around to see if anyone just saw you watch that cheese, it was worth it. So grab some crackers to go with that cheddar, have pity on your husband or boyfriend and send them golfing, and abandon your adult brain for awhile and enjoy some romantic mozzarella.

Motherly Advice: If you're debating letting your teenage girls watch this then here is what you need to know. ClearPlay can easily clear up some language and a mild distance 'make out' scene. There is no sex and I only caught one short reference to it. One scene to be leary of is when Kyle is about to kiss Lindy and she's laying down in the grass in a low cut, tank style dress and her chest seems to take up quite a lot of the screen. I think with your filters set you're teenagers 15 years and older will be pretty safe.

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