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Kyle, the hunky, career narcissist, disdains all things and all people unattractive. He’s rude. He’s mean. He’s in desperate need of reformation. Everything changes when he insults a strange gothic girl in his school. Turns out, she’s a witch! Suddenly he sprouts some odd tattoos, grows a few boils and lumps, and sports some scar-like marks on his face. He’s ugly. He’s devastated. He has to find some young woman to say that she loves him (and mean it) before the year is out or his face will stay that way.

ClearPlay In Action!

There is a fair amount of language, generally of the mild obscenity kind, for ClearPlay to muzzle, creating a few blanks in the dialog. Just fill in your own. It will be better. Also trimmed are some immodest images and dress. With ClearPlay, Beastly, would be appropriate for younger teen girls who love Alex Pettyfer . . . and that’s about it.

Is Beastly a Beauty?…

Here we go again with the middle-aged man reviewing a movie meant for teenage girls. Even so, I’ve got to believe even those young ladies who swoon and gush and giggle over Alex Pettyfer would realize that this drama-free, badly acted, horribly scripted, extended music video just needs to slide gracefully into the landfill, right? Right?! I kept hoping that the goth-girl witch would curse several more people until the movie got interesting. No dice. Just go watch the Disney animated version of this old story. It’s better at everything, especially the music.

Brian Fuller— ClearPlay Beast Hunter
Rated PG-13 for language including crude comments, brief violence and some thematic material (edited version); 86 min; Directed By Daniel Barnz
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