The Roomate

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A Younger, Hipper Version of Single White Female!

Sara Matthews (Minka Kelly) is young, vibrant, and starting her first year at ULA. With a flare for fashion design, every girl wants to be her and every boy wants to be with her. It’s a perfect formula for someone crazy and psychotic to enter the picture and try their best to BE Sara, which is exactly what her new roommate Rebecca(Leighton Meester) is going to great lengths to achieve. Things seem harmless in the beginning, but with-in just a couple of weeks things take a turn for the worse when Rebecca’s overbearing ways and infatuation begin to give Sara the “willies”. Sara discovers that her roommate may be a psychotic killer and must get away, and fast!

I know what you’ve all heard about The Roommate, that if you’ve seen Single White Female, then don’t waste your time on this psycho copycat (a nod to another great suspense/thriller).While yes it does follow the same storyline, the different actors add a whole new flavor to the mix AND they are in college. A suspense/thriller starring two talented up-comers in Hollywood, Minka Kelly and Leighton Meester. Minka Kelly does a pretty good job taking on the role of the girl from a small town but because of her good looks and charm she seems to get whatever she wants. And Leighton Meester, you may be more familiar with her role on Gossip Girl as the up-scale snobby Blaire Waldorf who has it all and wants for nothing. Her role in The Roommate wasn’t too far off of what she’s used to, she still schemes to get her way, only she takes things to the next level, or rather the next 10 levels so that she’s positively psychotic. But I liked her in this film, I certainly found myself thinking, wow, she IS three shades of crazy!!

So yes this film may be a hipper and trendier version of SWF, but not only was I completely captivated during the whole film, I also liked the acting and I was still totally creeped out!

Motherly Advice: I had my filters all set on medium and was spared a whole bunch of expletives and 2 “f” words. There’s no nudity in The Roommate but midriff’s and bare shoulders a-plenty! Also one girl kissing another girl, quite inappropriately! The filmmakers boast putting out a film that is super creepy but doesn’t have the guts and gore that a lot of the suspense/thrillers of today fill the screens with. But I have to tell you that there are still some VERY disturbing scenes, that for me were almost worse than seeing someone get shot or stabbed. For instance, *spoiler alert* you’ll see a belly ring ripped out, Rebecca pierces her own ear, (ooh gross!) she also puts an innocent kitten in a dryer to die!! *spoiler alert over* So though there may not be actual blood, you’ll still lose your appetite with some more disturbing sights! I would recommend this movie for ages 16 and up.

Trisha~ I thought I had some pretty crazy roommates in college!

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