Black Swan

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A Whole Lot 'A Crazy Going On

Nina Sayers (Natalie Portman) is known for her flawless dancing and graceful innocence, so when the director of the NYC ballet company she dances for has to decide who to cast in his new and 'daring' rendition of Swan Lake, Nina is the obvious choice to play the White Swan. However, with the White Swan role comes also...the Black Swan. Nina must find her darker side in order to play her role perfectly, and perfection is the only thing she will ever settle for. But learning to play the role may not be enough, she may have to become the Black Swan in order to achieve greatness.

I hesitate to admit my feelings about this movie. Let me explain myself before I come out with it.
First: I love all kinds of dancing and I have a special appreciation for ballerinas in particular.
Second: I like dark, weird and sometimes messed up sorts of movies if they are done 'properly'.
Third: I appreciate stellar performances from actors and actresses who have to work hard at what they are doing.
Fourth: I'm a little weird and messed up myself.
All these things considered means: I really liked this movie.

Natalie Portman has never really impressed me before. Yes I know she was in Star Wars but c'mon, slap a huge dress, fancy hat and weird makeup on Keanu Reeves and even he could act like Queen Amidala. In my opinion Black Swan (ironically enough) was Ms. Portman's chance to find her inner actress. There were two scenes that gave me goose bumps (or swan bumps) as I watched her face change and transform into something either dark and sinister or something majestic and innocent. Not to mention the acting she had to do while acutally dancing. The last fifteen minutes or so of this movie were edge of your seat, mouth hanging open and eyes popping out awesomeness. But, as I said before, I am also a little weird and messed up.

Another fantastic and artistic detail I appreciated in this story was the music. I'm 90% sure all of the music playing in the movie was purely from Swan Lake itself. What a delightfully wicked detail! It provided that 'Story Within the Story' touch.
Now a Warning: No matter your filtered settings, this movie is not for most people. Just because I liked it does NOT mean I think everyone reading this will like it. Do NOT go rent this movie because I said it was good, only see it if you like this kind of psychotic, thriller genre.

Motherly Advice: No matter who you are or what you generally put your settings to, I recommend you set your filters to High for sexual content. I had mine set to High for Sex and Disturbing Images and am very glad I did so. I still saw some creepy, creepiness that ranged from Nina passing herself on the street to watching her legs go crooked and broken as she hallucinated herself turning into a swan. There was a bar/club scene with drinking, weird strobe lights and dancing and a bit of drug use. I was spared some expletives and an entire scene of sensual dancing. I believe the main reason for this 'R' rating is due to the ever controversial girl, girl sex scene. Set your filters to HIGH for sex and you'll be entirely spared (let's hear a shout out for ClearPlay! Whoo!) I also missed some violent scenes but it was still obvious at some points that Nina scratches herself raw as part of her mental issues. Because of the before mentioned creepiness, violence and insanity this movie is not suitable for anyone who can't rent a car or who creeps out easily.

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