Family Movie Night Activity- My Neighbor Totoro

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Mei and Satsuki move to the country and right away they know that they are going to have a lot of fun in their new home, especially since they have some unusual neighbors. Living next door to Forrest Spirits is the perfect recipe for adventure! Check out another interesting movie from Hayao Miyazaki and enjoy Family Movie Night with your whole family!

Movie Snacks
*When Mei and Satsuki move in, the neighbor boy brings a cake to welcome them. Bake a cake of your own to enjoy, and maybe an extra to take to your neighbors!
*Satsuki packs lunches for herself, her Dad and even Mei (who will just be staying home). You could serve up some Sushi or California Rolls for dinner. If that doesn’t sound like something your kids would enjoy try Peanut Butter and Jelly “Sushi” or even Candy Sushi!
*Satsuki and Mei help pick garden veggies and decide to give some to their Mom to help her feel better. Choose from cucumbers, corn, eggplant, tomato, and more to serve up for your family.

Must Pause Moments
*When Mei ends up at school with Satsuki she spends her time drawing a picture of Totoro. Draw your own picture of Totoro, or any other cute character from the movie. Hang them around the room and let them watch the rest of the movie with you.
*Mei can’t wait for her acorns to grow. Watch this movie when you’re about to plant your garden, or let your kids “plant” a bean or seed in a paper cup and encourage your kids to watch it grow. Remember to do the Acorn Dance to help your plants grow!
*Totoro has a loud, noticeable roar! Have your whole family let out their best roar every time Totoro does!

Other Activities
*Watching movies in a fort is always fun, and this would be a great show to build a fort for. Mei builds a Forest Fort so you can pretend you are right there with her.
*Satsuki and Mei wait at the bus stop for their Dad, so they can give him his umbrella. Totoro shows up and they share the umbrella with him instead. He carries that umbrella around for a long time! Decorate with umbrellas, put umbrella picks in your drinks or surprise each of your kids with a new umbrella all their own.
*Mei never would have found Totoro if she hadn’t decided to explore the area thoroughly. Go for a nature walk around your home/neighborhood and see what interesting things you can find! Maybe you’ll even find a new neighbor too!

*LyndiLou* Movie Mom That Loves Making New Friends!

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