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Missed It's Mark

Welcome to the world of assassins! Well, not really welcome, but some kind of introduction is implied in this here story. Victor Maynard (Bill Nighy) is the best assassin in town. He inherited his father's business of professionally off-ing people and getting paid handsomely for it. He's got the work down to a science but he's not really happy. What will happen when he is charmed by kleptomaniac Rose (Emily Blunt) and for the first time messes up a job?

 This had the potential of being one of those funny, quirky and sort of thought-provoking-in-a-twisted-funny- quirky-way type of movies. It got kind of close and I waited in anticipation for light to shine upon this plotline but unfortunately it remained dark. I liked all the characters, Emily Blunt is a recent favorite of mine and Rupert Grint was fun to watch outside of his Weasely character. The two of them had a super fun kind of sibling-like chemistry. I loved watching them along with Bill Nighy begin to form this ragtag sort of family dynamic with Bill Nighy as the father figure. Too bad the writers had to go and make it all ichy by letting some characters 'hook up'.

The laughs through out and fun dynamics between characters might have saved this movie for me despite the ichy romance had the ending been something decent. It wasn't. It was flat. I felt flat after watching it. I feel flat writing about it.

Motherly Advice: ClearPlay filters set at Medium saved me from some swearing, blaspemy, sensual dialogue and some implied premarital relations. What was still there was lots of shooting, murdering, stealing, drinking, implied premarital relations and general bad behaviour. The murdering is supposed to be kind of comedic but I'm a little bit sensitive to being lighthearted about that so it bugged me a bit to watch these hit men shoot someone and then continue on with their day as if nothing had happened or even smiling satisfactorily. With your filters set to medium or higher I'd ok this for audiences 16 and up.

If you are easily pleased by slightly quirky movies that miss their mark but provide a few chuckles then go ahead with this one. If you have higher expectations in your quirky films, go watch Big Fish again.

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