You Again -- a Father's perspective

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Poor Marni. She’s the tortured, awkward girl suffering on the outside of the high school social scene. Her tormentor, the popular Joanna, is cruel and calculating and makes Marni miserable. But high school passes, and Marni moves on and becomes self-fulfilled and successful. When she later finds out that her brother is marrying the evil Joanna, all the old anger and bitterness come charging back. Poor Marni.

ClearPlay In Action!

You Again is a surprisingly clean film. ClearPlay had almost nothing to do except catch a stray exclamation or two. There are a few immodest outfits and some dancing some might consider inappropriate. The themes and story will mostly appeal to women of teenage years and older.

Will You Want to See This Again?…

You Again helped me learn that (1) women can apparently carry grudges through eons of time, and that (2) they can’t forgive each other until they get into a really nasty fight. The values promoted here - that people can change and forgive - are good, but the predictable outcome and the incessant trips to the corny and silly bins rob this film of any weight or circumstance. If you were one of the "picked on" in high school, you may find some catharsis in You Again. The rest of us will chuckle every once in a while and never think about this film again.

Brian Fuller— ClearPlay Me Again

Rated PG for brief mild language and rude behavior.; 105 min; Directed By Andy Fickman
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