Family Movie Night Activity-Muppets From Space

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Gonzo is a whatever, right? Maybe not! He might actually be… an extraterrestrial, an ALIEN!!! When word gets out that his possible family will be coming to pay a visit from outer space, it catches the attention of more than just his friends. TV talk-shows, secret-government agency and everyone on planet earth want some time with Gonzo. Will Gonzo even make it to the would-be family reunion? Join Gonzo and his crazy Muppet friends, as you and your family enjoy this Family Movie Night Activity.

Movie Snacks
*After a crazy messed up breakfast, Gonzo finds himself eating his all by himself. You can eat breakfast cereal with him, or have a big breakfast for dinner on Family Movie Night.
*Make cupcakes and decorate them like aliens. Grab some of your favorite candy and toppings to give them just the right look of a Martian: Licorice could make some great antennas, M&M or Skittles for bumpy skin and more. Be sure to take lots of pictures before they get gobbled up!
*While everyone is waiting for Gonzo’s family to show up, they’re roasting marshmallows. You and your family could have S’mores while you wait to see what happens to Gonzo.

Must Pause Moments
*The first message Gonzo gets from the aliens is in his breakfast cereal. You could spell messages to each other with alphabet cereal, soup, crackers or fruit snacks. Use any alphabet snacks you can find to spell out messages to your family.
*When Miss Piggy interviews Gonzo, stop the movie and think up your own interview questions for the next time you run into an alien. To practice, take turns asking and answering questions then report back to the rest of the family about what you learned about your pseudo alien.
*Rizzo gets caught and turned into a lab-rat. He has to participate in weird tests and run through mazes. Set up a silly maze or obstacle course for your family to try out and see what Rizzo has been up against.

Other Activities
*Gonzo mows words into his lawn as an answer for his alien friends. You can write messages in grass to, without ruining your yard! Get green construction paper to be the lawn, then dip a q-tip or sponge-brush into bleach/water mix (or a different color green paint if you’ve got really little kids) and write a message to your other-worldly friends.
*Decorate your own “Welcome To Earth” and “Take Me With You” signs so that if Aliens land while you’re having Family Movie Night, you’ll be ready!
*Be sure to get your New-Found-Family groove on and get up out of your chair and dance along to the song “Celebration” with your family!

*LyndiLou* ~ Movie Mom Whose Family Could Pass For Weirdos and Whatevers Too!

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