The Town

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Ben Affleck is back and he means business!

 In a town such as Charlestown, Massachusetts, it’s said that no one gets out of the business of stealing unless it’s by death or prison. Doug McRay(Ben Affleck) is one of the many caught in this net and accepts his fate. That is, until one bank heist goes awry and he’s forced to kidnap the bank manager, Claire Keesey (Rebecca Hall) so that she won’t turn them in. A strange change of heart and Doug decides to let Claire go, unscathed. Days after this disaster, Doug seeks out Claire and pursues a relationship with her only to discover that a normal life could be within his reach. His boss thinks otherwise and in the end Doug will have to choose to be with Claire and always stay two steps ahead of his boss and the FBI, or run away leaving Charlestown and Claire far, far behind.

Bank Heist movies all seem to follow the same formula: action, romance, danger, violence, and happily ever after. Not so with The Town. Which is why it caught my attention from the beginning. Interestingly, the town of Charlestown, Massachusetts really is known to have the highest number of robberies in the world. I liked that though the story isn’t a true one it does contain tidbits of truth throughout. I also liked the ending, no I won’t spoil anything, but it was different than any other Heist movie out there, which is just plain refreshing! And how about that Ben Affleck?!? I know he has had a career with more up and downs than an old-time roller coaster, but he is phenomenal in The Town! Not only did he help write and direct it, he comes on to the screen and invites the audience to go on a ride that you do NOT want to get off of. You’ll find yourself thinking, "He’s a criminal and he should go to jail, and yet I really want to see him get the girl, get the money, and ride off into the sunset.” So if you like a good Heist movie with lots of action, a little romance and drama, then put your recent opinions of Affleck aside and give The Town a whirl, you won’t regret it.

Motherly Advice: I had all of my filters set on medium and was spared a sex scene, some revealing clothing, some nudity, lots of swearing and some of the gun fights, but not all. You’ll still see a LOT of shooting but you won’t have to see the bloody mess that it all leaves. It’s a movie about a criminal act, and it’s written so that you will want him to get away with it. So just keep that in mind when you are deciding if it’s appropriate for your family. With that said, I would recommend The Town for the more mature teenager, ages 15 and up.

Trisha~Glad I don’t live in The Town, but loved watching it!

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