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Yeah, yeah...relax. But whatever you do, don't fall asleep.

Wild boy, Alex (Denis Quaid) Gardner has an amazing, psychic gift that the scientific community--not to mention the U.S. government--would love to get their hands on. He becomes the prime player in a new experimental project involving the dream state. His job is to enter into another person's dream and...change things. Of course, the idea is to help troubled people conquer their worst fears by subduing their nightmares--and now they don't have to do it alone. Unfortunately, the bad guys soon figure out that with just a little "tweaking" a person's dreams can turn deadly.
Now enter dreadful, wicked, disturbed...Tommy--who'd love nothing better than to see you die in your sleep. Look out, Alex. Look out, Mr. President. Dun-dun-dun...

When Dreamscape first came out--it was unlike anything we'd seen before. The graphics of the troubled dreams could give you nightmares yourself--being just scary enough to be wonderful. The story is intense and fast moving, Alex is a handsome, likable fellow and the bad guy...oooooh, well, he's just creepy. All these years later and I can still see his evil, nasty face and it still scares the heck out of me. Now, that's a real villain.

Motherly Advice: The ClearPlay filter will tidy up the language that was the 80's signature, but will also get rid of a couple of silly, but inappropriate dream scenes, that don't go very far, by today's standards, but can be done without nonetheless.
I'm certain that there could be a ton of criticism or cries of "lame graphics" but please...give this movie a break. It was incredibly cool stuff--unheard of, even--for it's day, and is still a fabulous roller coaster ride now. If nothing else, preteens and up can still enjoy this thriller, while appreciating how far our graphics have come.

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