Far and Away-Valentine's Movie Mom Favorite

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Remember the days before Tom Cruise was crazy? Before Nicole Kidman got her lips done? When they were young, married and sane? *Sigh* Those were the good 'ol days. Far and Away will take you back to that far and away time before Cruise 'jumped the couch' and when America was still being settled.

Joseph Donnelley (Cruise) is a young Irish dreamer who is about to be evicted from his late father's land. On his quest to kill his landlord he gets the opportunity to flee with his landlord's daughter Shannon (Kidman) to America where advertisements claim you can have your own land...for free. Unfortunately, when they get there, America doesn't turn out to be all that Shannon had hoped it would be. Her and Joseph must work and fight their way to earn the money to get themselves to Oklahoma where the land is being given away. Will they make it there? Will they fall in love? Will Shannon's jealous fiance and parents find her before it's too late?

This is one of my top five all time favorite movies! I know Tom Cruise is one toon away from loony but lets be honest, he is a very talented loony toon! And Nicole Kidman? There aren't a ton of actresses out there who can beat her. Put these two together with director Ron Howard and how can you loose? You CAN'T!!
This film was done when Cruise and Kidman were first married and I guess that might be what makes the chemistry in this movie so...romantic and sweet! The way they look at each other. The way they fight. The 'plunge and scrub' scene when he shows her how to do her laundry. It's perfection. Plus, it's got boxing (which I hate but what can you do? Oh, that's right, set your ClearPlay filters to Most on the violence setting) a great, historical storyline and humor so it's got something everyone will like. I promise.

Motherly Advice: There are some sexual content/nudity scenes in here that could use filtering. For a good chunk of the movie Joseph boxes for a living and while most of those scenes are pretty tame the last one is brutal (in my squeamish opinion). I think that with your settings on Medium to Most for sexual content and violence this movie would be fine for teens 15 and up. Plus it makes for a great history lesson.

Danielle'-Whatever Happened to Free Land?

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