Family Movie Night Activity-Night at the Museum

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Larry gets a new job as a museum over-night security guard and quickly finds out that his guard is harder than he thinks since all the exhibits come to life. It’s up to him to keep the museum in order. Enjoy the show and these activities for another great Family Movie Night.

Movie Snacks
*Larry notices right away that the museum has a display of “Teddy” Roosevelt. In honor of our 26th president serve Teddy Grahams and Gummy Bears doing the movie.
*Have a museum themed Movie Night dinner using the different exhibits as inspiration. It can be as simple as serving dinosaur chicken nuggets or a whole cowboy meal fit for Jedediah himself.
*The Easter Island Head sure loves bubble gum. Pass out a piece or two to each person watching the movie. You might even want to have a bubble blowing contest.

Must Pause Moments
*When Larry goofs around on the intercom, stop the movie and have some PA fun of your own. Grab a microphone, bull horn or even just a paper towel tube and make some funny songs and noises with your family.
*Larry can’t communicate with Sacajawea because she’s behind a glass case. Play a game of charades and see if your family members could understand what you were trying to do if you were stuck in a display.
*The Neanderthals are obsessed with trying to make fire. We have lots of easy ways to make fire now, but it could be fun to show your older kids how to start a fire with a battery and steel wool or using friction. If there’s not a safe way to do this in your home/yard, build a pretend campfire with lights and cellophane.

Other Activities
*Get into family movie night by dressing up as parts of your favorite exhibit. You can dress up like a Neanderthal, a Civil War soldier, wear a Roman Toga or even just dress up like a security guard!
*Museums are all about learning about the world and the people and animals in it. Have each of your family members pick something they thought was really neat in the museum and look up something more about it. Let each person find or draw a picture and teach the others about their favorite exhibit. Learning things for himself really helped Larry do a better job as Night Guard.
*Help boost museum attendance after the movie by planning a trip to your local history or art museum. Pay close attention to see what exhibits would come to life near you.

*LyndiLou* Movie Mom and Night-Owl

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