Dinner for Shmucks

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Find the Idiots

Actually it's not that hard to find the idiots in this movie, just wave your finger randomly at the screen and you're likely to stop on one. Do the same for the credits and chances are good their mostly idiots there too. Alright fine that was harsh. Most of these people I'm sure are very talented (I happen to really like Steve Carrell and Paul Rudd) this movie probably just combined their creative potential to be complete flops and then honed in on those potentials with an optical zoom of at least 12 points or higher.

Tim is about to be promoted and as part of his acceptance into the social graces of the big wigs in his company, he must attend their monthly Dinner for Winners. It's a dinner where everyone has to bring a fascinating guest (and by fascinating I mean idiotic). The person with the most idiotic guest wins.

If you are thinking right now about who you would bring to a dinner like this...STOP IT! That's not very nice. If you are thinking right now that this movie will end up having some kind of moral redemption in the plot...STOP IT! It doesn't. There is one point in this movie when I thought, 'There we go, now they've hit the moral to the story." Unfortunately I was wrong and they ran right over that moral with an army tank and then set it on fire and drown the ashes in 3 month old tomato juice. The handful of laughs this movie produced wasn't worth the shmuck you had to wade through to get there.

Motherly Advice: Our filters, as always, were set on medium for almost everything. There were quite a few scenes that are entirely cut out (thank you ClearPlay) and many sentences deleted and partial scenes removed and words snipped. This movie was full of it. I can only imagine what our ClearPlay editors had to wade through to clean this thing up. Even filtered though there was a scene with Darla dressed up in black sensual attire trying to make some sort of advances on Steve Carrell's character. Also a scene where Steve Carrell is trying to locate Tim's girlfriend by comparing the butt of passer's by to the under-weared butt of a picture he has swiped from Tim's desk. Filtered this movie would be appropriate for older teens.

Danielle'-Reviewer for Winners
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