Brian’s Top 5 of 2010

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As 2010 drags itself to a close and 2011 begins, I present a list of movies I have enjoyed during the year. Some I reviewed, some I didn’t, but these are the most memorable of the bunch. In no particular order:

In cineplexes full of reboots, retreads, sequels, and prequels, I really enjoyed Christopher Nolan’s high concept and original story. A complex and mind-bending tale of dream sharing and thought shaping, Inception is easily one of the best movies of the year. If you haven’t seen it, get thee to a place of movie vending forthwith!

How To Train Your Dragon
One of the most highly rated and highest grossing films of the year, How To Train Your Dragon really impressed me with its humor, emotion, and entertaining story. This is a fantastic fantasy film that has something for the whole family to enjoy and proves that family friendly movies can be and are successful in the marketplace.

Toy Story 3
It’s Pixar! What else needs to be said? Somewhere in Pixar’s highly guarded headquarters is a safe with the secret recipe to making movies than can induce the toughest of us to choke back the tears. No doubt other movie studios are asking Christopher Nolan about dream theft technology to try to steal it. Toy Story 3 is a rare threequel as good as the first two, and if you haven’t seen Ken doll doing his fashion show, you are missing out on some side-splitting fun.

The Twlight Saga
Just kidding! The three currently released Twilight films are on in my Top 5 Movies to Make Fun Of list, occupying spots 1, 2 and 3.

The Prince of Persia
Okay, this isn’t a masterpiece or anything, it’s just a really fun film that I think a lot of people passed over either because (a) they knew it was based on a video game and video game movies tend to stink, or (b) because it didn’t make a big enough buzz at the box office. As I stated in my review, I was genuinely surprised how enjoyable this film was. You may not buy it, but you should at least give it a spin.

Off the Beaten Path
No, “Off the Beaten Path” is not a movie title. For those who want to watch a movie that’s not standard Hollywood fare, try Moon, Winter’s Bone, and The Hurt Locker. All these movies share the same good quality: creating a detailed and immersive sense of location. So pop them in some evening when you’re feeling like something new. All are rated R, so bring ClearPlay along.

Happy New Year!
Brian Fuller