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CIA agent Evelyn Salt is ready to go home to spend a nice evening with her husband when a Russian Defector unexpectedly shows up at the office. During his interrogation, he accuses Evelyn of being a double agent who will kill the Russian President when he visits the U.S. The CIA wants to lock her down while they investigate, but fearing for her husband, Evelyn breaks free. A massive hunt begins and a sinister plot is set in motion.

ClearPlay In Action!

Salt has plenty of salty language for ClearPlay to manage, including several uses of the S word and religious (and irreligious) exclamations. The movie is also fairly violent in spots with gunplay and a fair number of vicious fights, so be prepared for some skipping. Not a great movie for the kiddies. With filters, it would be okay for older teenagers.

Is this Movie Worth its Salt?…

While some of the plot and stunts rank pretty highly on the preposterous scale, Salt is an action thriller that was an entertaining and wild ride. It’s one of those shows that will have you speculating and guessing who did what and who is who right up to the very end, so bring a companion and have a contest to see who is right. Turn off your brain a little bit to ignore the ridiculousness, but leave just enough higher reasoning functions turned on to see if you can figure out what’s going on.

Brian Fuller— ClearPlay Sleeper Agent
Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and action.; 100 min; Directed By Phillip Noyce
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