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Cure for Holiday Aches and Pains

One dark and stormy winter night, 15 years ago, while the rest of the family scurried off to the church Christmas party, I sat home with a sad and teary-eyed six year old who was just too sick with a sore throat to go. In a desperate attempt to soothe her heartache at missing her favorite party of the season, I flipped through the TV channels, hoping to find something--anything, to distract her.

 Lo and behold, we heard an announcement for The Muppet Family Christmas, coming up next. Hot dang! And with just enough time to pop in a cassette and catch the whole cute thing on video. Little did I know that it would become a rare classic and priceless family favorite--for years and years to come. My little sick one laid on the couch and giggled through the whole show--especially watching each Muppet and Sesame Street character sing--every Christmas song known to man--as they gathered at the family farmhouse to spend Christmas with Fozie's mom. It was so fun to see the Muppets and Sesame Street worlds mix together with the same subtle humor that entertains grown-ups as much as the kids. There is even a short cameo at the very end with Jim Henson himself, doing the dishes in the kitchen--positively priceless.

Now, of course you won't need a filter of any kind to enjoy this sweet little Christmas show, but if you can get your hands on this one--from Amazon or ebay--you won't regret it. In fact, it may just become a family heirloom like it is at my place. It needs to be in your collection even if Santa has to bring it all the way from the North Pole.
Merry Christmas!

Launi--Christmas Classic Archivist

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