Going the Distance

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I will say this about Going the Distance, it deserves an award. What that award is, I'll save until the end because you know, best for last and all that rubbish. It also deserves an A for effort...for effortlessly inducing a bitter blank stare directed at my tv screen. It can be awarded a B for portraying a somewhat realistic view of what long-distance relationships are really like. A B- for music selection, D- for hairstyling and a C+ for animated shots of airplanes flying across the US.

After Erin (Drew Barrymore) and Garrett (Justin Long) meet for the first time over a fateful video game in a fateful bar in fateful New York City, they hit it off and become best friends and soul mates. Too bad Erin's internship is only temporary and she has to go home to San Francisco six weeks later. Let the text messages, phone calls, Skype meetings and ClearPlay editing begin! How will these two lovers manage their long distance relationship? Will they last? Will WE last?
I struggle with Drew Barrymore because I'm always saying I don't like her, but she is in some great movies. Case in point: Never Been Kissed, 50 First Dates, Ever After, E.T., The Wedding Singer and Curious George. So, I'm always giving her second, third and fourth chances. This one fell kind of flat. If you like her and Kevin Long you'll probably like this one alright but don't expect a super-duper, happy-shmappy ending that gives you goosebumps. It has some laughs, some real to life fights and people making compromises. 
Motherly Advice: I had my filters on medium for language, sex and nudity and A LOT was cut out. The language must have been pretty awful because despite the fact that ClearPlay editors are talented artists who do a smashingly wonderful job editing some tough movies, this one was choppy due to all the language and content that needed editing. I hardly notice the editing anymore but this one would have been impossible to run smoothly. There were still some heavy, juicy kissing that might be inappropriate for young teens but otherwise this one might be okay for 14 and up. Also some heavy drinking, implied premarital sex and immodest clothing.
And the award for Most Hideous Wardrobe for a Main Actress in a Movie goes to Going the Distance!!

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