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Back From the Dead

Have you ever wondered what you would do if you died and then were given a second chance at life and happiness? Would you take it and run? Well, sweet little Lucy Chadman (Shelly Long) is determined to hang on for dear life--literally. After choking to death on a South Korean Chicken Ball and being brought back to life--1 year later--by her wacky white witch sister, Lucy finds that the world she left has changed--drastically. Her husband is now married to her best friend, her son has become a chef, the daycare center she worked at has been torn down--heck even her dog Flippy has been groomed beyond recognition. To make matter worse, she has to find true love--and find it fast or she'll die and be dead...forever. As opposed to...I don't know what.

Ok, ok, so it's not Shakespeare or one of the great epics of our time, but it's a happy, fun movie, full of laughable twists and enough Shelly Long cleverness to make you want to watch it--over and over again. My children loved this movie so much when they were young that they actually memorized the spell that crazy sister Zelda casts to raise dear Lucy from the dead. I always wondered if that skill might come in handy some day--I mean, you never know--we did lose a hedgehog that one time. So far though, it's only been good for the giggles at a few slumber parties.

Motherly Advice: Before ClearPlay the family watched this one and were content with a well placed cough here and there to cover up the 1 or 2 small indiscretions that, being young, they didn't really 'get' anyway. Now, hooked up to the ClearPlay it will help you forget that they were ever there in the first place.

Give Hello Again another lease on life--you'll be glad you resurrected it. Ha!

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