Robin Hood

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Robin Hood should be more appropriately titled Becoming Robin Hood as it tells the story of how the famous character became the outlaw we all love. It begins with Robin Longstride, a soldier returning from the crusades. He isn’t noble. He doesn’t care about politics. He just wants out of soldiering. A trip to Nottingham to visit the father and widow of Sir Robert Loxsley, a knight killed in the Crusades, embroils him in England’s troubles as the selfish and childish King John takes the throne and a traitor stirs up the French to war.

ClearPlay In Action!

The film has a few swear words, a couple instances of sexual talk, and a scene of implied sex that are excised. ClearPlay also takes aim at the violence in the film, trimming out some of the more gory, bloody attacks. The movie ClearPlays quite well and would be appropriate for teens.

Should I Join the Hood?…

If you come into this movie expecting the fun, swashbuckling Robin Hood of yesteryear who swings on ropes and does ridiculous stunts with the bow, you’ll be disappointed. Ridley Scott of Gladiator fame has crafted an earthy, gritty Robin Hood that is much closer in tone and theme to Braveheart. There are good actors everywhere, and special kudos goes to Oscar Isaac as the jerk King John. Depending on your preferences, the somber feel and reinvented myth will either ruin the Robin Hood story for you or make it better. It’s not a perfect film, but give Robin Hood a try. You might find a serious forest bandit fits your tastes, after all.

Brian Fuller— ClearPlay Not So Merry Man
Rated PG-13 for violence including intense sequences of warfare, and some sexual content.;140 min | 156 min (director's cut); Directed By Ridley Scott
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