Skipped Flicks--Ferris Bueller's Day Off

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Don't Try This Trick At Home

What can we say about this one? Ferris...Ferris...
Alvin the Chipmunk come to life and reigning king of the naughty boys. But tell the truth--didn't you love it? I remember having such a dang good time watching this when I was a teenager...a good, honest, rule abiding, parent respecting...teenager, and apparently, it didn't damage me in the least. Ferris Bueller is like a good kid's fantasy about doing crazy, irresponsible, ridiculous stuff for one whole, very long day and not only getting away with it, but becoming a beloved hero to everyone on earth in the meantime. Pure fantasy.

When we rented this one, I admit that I was skeptical. I hadn't seen it in years but if my memory served me correctly, it was an ear scorcher, in fact, it was what my family would call, 'a Smurf' movie. Oh, sure--you know what a smurf movie is. It's one where people use four letter words as a verb, adjective and noun--all in the same sentence. "Why you smurfing, smurfy smurf!" for example. But I digress.

I was afraid that with Ferris Bueller hooked up to ClearPlay, there wouldn't be any movie left, because he swears--a lot, but I was wrong. Oh, some of his best speeches get whited out a bit, but they still work and you'll still know what's going on.
And I just bet you'll be OK with it--if, like me, you have your kids in the room.

Motherly Advice: In fact, if your teens are decent, law abiding, honest people, they will likely recognize that Ferris Bueller's Day Off is more a good, hard poke at adults who don't' engage in their children's lives, than it is a suggestion that anyone could behave as badly as Ferris--and not end up in jail or dead, nevermind friendless and in detention. They will, along with you, be free to laugh at how ridiculous it all is.
If, on the other hand, you have kids that are, as we speak, trying to pull some of this junk at your place...well, they are likely already grounded from watching TV and you--bless your heart--just wouldn't find Ferris Bueller very all.

Launi--Movie Mom--Oww-oww...Ohhh Yeaaah...

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